Broken in NC

Hello everyone,

Well, we got a great start, making 60 or 70 mile days until last Monday. Then, 8 miles out of our anchorage, the forward gear failed. Over the side I went to check for a bag or crab trap on the prop. Although it was very difficult to see, I managed to feel that the prop and shaft were clear. Murray observed the functioning or rather lack of functioning of the transmission. A variety of anchorages and towing possibilities were discussed. As reverse still worked, we backed the 8 miles to Oriental NC and anchored. Murray removed the tranny with the assistance of a ham friend who lives nearby and who supplied a wheel puller. The next day, another ham drove us to the UPS depot and arranged for shipping back to the repair yard in Annapolis. Now we wait for the return.

Other than that, all is well aboard. It was nice to get moving again. We hear another hurricane is brewing, but hope it will not come this way.

Take care all, Heather & Murray aboard Windswept IV