Where the heck are they?

Hello everyone,

I believe the last message found us in Ontario with the pocketmail deep sixed. As soon as I had sent e-mail telling everyone to write to the Juno address, my modem failed! I went from 3 means of sending e-mail to having none at all. Well, the modem was replaced ( thanks to an early Christmas present from Murray’s mom ) and so was the pocketmail. So, we are in communications again. Long messages should go to Juno, as the pocketmail has a max of 4000 characters.

We arrived back at the boat in Beaufort on Nov 9th. Approx a week was spent stashing things and having fun. But we did finally leave Beaufort SC on Nov 15th. Two days later, we were in Florida.

The Christmas lights were to be turned on in St Augustine soon, so we stayed there several days to enjoy that event. And it was spectacular.We sat in the cockpit after the gorgeous sunset, cocktails in hand, then poof, everything was lit with white lights. Most building, the bridge, and all the trees were outlined with lights. Just lovely.

Murray and I came down with colds and coughs. So, for the next fews days we stayed around the boat.

By Nov 23rd, we dropped anchor outside Titusville. In the morning, we dinghied to shore and caught up with the Tundra people. We will help them as much as possible with their boat projects.

Our other job now is to search for somewhere to leave the boat next summer. The list seems quite short. Places that take longterm storage are few and far between.

It’s Dec now and we will be in Florida until 2000. A friend is meeting us here for that big event. Then, south to the islands. Bahamas for sure, after that we will see.

Take care all and stay in touch, Heather & Murray aboard Windswept IV