Hi everyone,

We had the most incredible day on the 18th. Friends from Port Stanley ( Don & Jill Wilson on Next Exit ) were anchored nearby and we wanted to take them to see the Thunderball grotto.

This cave has been used in two different films – Thunderball and Splash. We had seen it once before when we were first snorkeling and Murray had been quite uncomfortable inside the cave. This time was quite different. The tide was low and the current was slack, so conditions were perfect. The entrance to the cave is visible at low tide, but underwater at high tide.

We jumped into the water ( 75+ F ) and paddled into the cave. Schools of brightly striped fish ( Sergeant Majors ) swarmed around us. They are used to being fed by swimmers, and have little fear. The first time that we visited, I had brought “squeeze cheese” to feed them. The fish would suck on the nozzle, like a baby at a bottle. It was so funny, that I almost drowned laughing in my snorkel. This time I had forgotten the cheese!

The cave is quite large with an opening to the sky. We swam in the west entrance,through the grotto and out the eastern side. There we saw a deep reef, full of many brightly coloured fish and beautiful coral of different types.

I think we stayed in the water, marvelling at the beauty around us, for about an hour. Truly a wonderful Sunday morning.

Currently, we are in the Exumas and anchored near Black Point. There is a web site that will show you on a map where we are. The address is . Jeremy has set up a link to it from our website,if you wish to go that way.

Well, keep in touch as news for home is always important. All the best Murray & Heather