Killarney Fall

Well, things are slowing down around here now. Only a few boats on our docks each night. Sometimes only one boat. Weekends are busier, with local people getting gas, fishermen renting boats and buying worms.

The townsfolk seem happier. They love to see the tourists come in the spring, but by late August, they are also glad to see them leave.

The radio is extremely quiet, with only occassional calls for “the Sportman’s dockmaster” or “Killarney Mountain Lodge”.

We have cut our hours back and are now on duty from 8 am until 5 pm + ( depending on traffic ). Days off are few and far between, as there are no replacements available. But, we are enjoying the shorter work days.

The trees have started to change colour already. More from drought than from frost. But, there are spots of red showing up here and there.

This week, we had the opportunity to spend a night at the Johnie Lake outpost camp. It was ( as most of the structures of the lodge ) built by Fruehoff and used as a hunt camp. Currently it is used for day visits by guests. There are rooms and beds for many overnight guests, but that seldom occurs now. The lights are propane and any power needed is created by a generator. A lovely spot only accessible by water and that even requires a 20 min ride, at planing speeds. Above us, the half moon competed with the stars for our attention. The call of the loon was the only sound heard as night fell around us. A beautiful evening.

Our spare time is spent checking the lists of parts needed to take back to the boat. There are still a few things to gather up and then we will be close to ready.

The plan is to leave here early on the last week of Sept, help Mom empty her house and move into her new place. After that, visits with Jeremy & Cynthia and Steve & Tracey, along with Mom Rand and the rest of the Rand family. Then, check in with the Doc, visit some good friends and hit the road. Likely that will occur by mid to the 3rd week of Oct.

So, that’s the news from here. What’s happening in your world?

Heather & Murray