Well, Windswept IV has been hauled out and stored once more. We worked hard for the last two weeks and got some jobs done that had been on the list for a while.

We re-varnished the galley and head (kitchen and bathroom, for you land-lubbers). That was a trick to do while living amongst the job, but we got it done. Murray started on the floor re-finishing. Most of that job will be done in the fall, but he did the aft-cabin floor and un-screwed the rest of the floor pieces in prep.

I had my sewing machine out for several days and did repairs to the bimini, sun cover,sail cover, some clothing etc. I also replaced the clear plastic panel in the front of dodger. It was quite a job but turned out well. My sewing machine has a few problems but the local repair shop was unable to resolve them. It still sews straight and zigzag, so I will keep it going for now.

The haul went well with very little growth on the bottom. The only damage that showed up from our grounding episode appears to be cracking at the joint of the wing keel. We will have to dig out the bolts, unbolt them, and have the keel dropped. That will be a fall job.

So, we finished packing the car, installed the sunshield canopy, put out my chemical stuff for bugs and mildew. By 1 pm, we were showered and on the road.

Last night we visited a friend in Orlando. Today, we are visiting other friends near Daytona. They are renting a house on the beach. With a pool. Couldn’t resist the idea of another day in the sun, before we head north.

Tomorrow, Monday, we will start driving early. By Tuesday, we will be in Ohio visiting boating friends there. Wednesday will find us in London, Ont. So, we are getting close and should see some of you very soon.

Until then, hugs, Heather & Murray