Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Brrrrr. Man, is it chilly here! Our night time temperatures are just above freezing. Without any heat! Thank goodness we have warm fuzzy slippers aboard and an oil lamp which warms the cabin somewhat. By 8 pm, we are in bed huddled under the blankets.

And, we are still in Florida. The good news is that there appears to be a window opening up for a crossing next week. Maybe Tues or Wed. So, we could still have Christmas in the islands. Maybe.

Now, we are anchored in North Lake Worth which is part of West Palm Beach. A very ritzy part. The local grocery store is incredible with its selection of smoked salmon and imported wines and cheeses. The stores nearby have valet parking. We can walk to West Marine for the last minute items needed for the boat and the bus will take us to a mall in case we wish to Christmas shop. But, we are quite fully stocked. Of course, the food is being eaten and every day of so, we visit the grocery to ‘pick up a couple of things’. The money continues to flow out.

Many friends are anchored here with us. Two nights ago, we had 10 guests aboard for happy hour and had a wonderful time. They loved my Christmas tree. It is about 30 cm high ( just under a foot ) including the base. It has fiber optics and the ends light up and flash different colours. There are tiny decorations on it and some toys beneath it. The mast has been twined with tinsel and also has tiny decorations and red velvet bows attached to it. So, we do look quite festive. In the cockpit, coloured lights are attached under the bimini and when our batteries are feeling good, we turn them on for a few hours. As we are all planning to cross to the islands and some to different destinations, no plans have been made for Christmas dinner. But, I am sure, that it will be spent in the company of friends.

So, we hope that all of you are ready for the up-coming holidays and have made your plans to spend them with family or friends. We miss you all and send you our best wishes for a wonderful Christmas season and all the best for the coming year. Imagine that, 2004.

Hugs, Murray & Heather

PS we will write again when we cross.