Solo Sailing

While Murray was anchored in the canals in Lucaya, Grand Bahama, his sleep was disturbed one night. As we had heard of thefts of dinghy motors, Murray had rigged a personal alarm to the dinghy. If the dinghy was moved very much from its position lashed alongside Windswept IV, the alarm would sound. And it did. Someone had cut the dinghy painter and the bungee cord holding it alongside and was attempting to take the dinghy. It was still chained and locked but the thieves were scared away by the loud noise of the alarm.

That incident encouraged Murray to head south as soon as possible. When the weather was appropriate and in company with 2 other boats, Murray singlehanded to Nassau. That is a distance of approx 150 mi. They departed Lucaya at 3:30 pm and arrived in Nassau around 11:30 am.

He anchored near the Tropic Palm dock and prepared the boat for guests.

On Jan 26, Kuyler Hauch flew to Nassau and joined Murray. Kuyler will stay aboard until Feb 12th and just before I re-join him ( I hope ). They have sailed down into the Exumas and hope to reach Staniel Cay today ( Jan 28th ).

My surgery is scheduled for Feb 3rd and the doctor has said that I should be able to return to the boat after a week to 10 days. I haven’t booked the flight yet but will after the surgery.

So, the cruise will continue. I cannot wait to see that turquoise water and to walk the beautiful beaches. Soon.

Murray with Kuyler in the Exumas & Heather ashore in London, ON