Busy Days

“Killarney Mountain Lodge, Killarney Mountain Lodge this is 45 ft powerboat XYZ looking for fuel, pumpout and overnight dockage.”

These are the words that reverberate through my days and also seem to echo in my dreams. We have started to earn our pay! The dock girls are much happier with work to do and the tips rolling their way.

Yesterday, we turned away a 112 ft yacht! Man, it was big. But, the owner of the Lodge was concerned about the weight of the boat on our floating docks. So, we had to send him on to the Sportsman. But, we kept an 86, an 80, a 68, a 63 and several 50’s. We were FULL.

Other excitment in our lives – Murray has bought a small (20 ft) sailboat. It is a Goman Express 20. We took it for a sail last night for the first time. It is very nimble and a joy to tack. In our spare time 🙂 , we will “play”. Now we are looking for name suggestions. It is currently called Fandango, but we will likely re-name her. She has a grey hull with yellow, orange and red stripes at the waterline. Orange is also the colour of her sail cover – not my favourite colour. The cushions belowdeck are plaid and in need of re-furbushing. I think that I now have a winter project. The Lodge guests are slowly increasing in numbers, finally. Hopefully, it continues.

How hot are you down there? It is very hot here in the daytime, reaching 30C, but cool enough to sleep under a blanket at night. We have had some rain and there is no fire ban here as yet. The blue berries are ready and are very big and juicey. Mmmmm. Muffins, pancakes – if only I had an oven. Or a dehydrator to dry some for the southern months.

We have been using a small barbeque and cooking an occassional dinner at the cabin. Just to take a break from the dining room. It has been a real treat for us and Murray can spice up the meat as much as he wants and have the perfectly cooked steak, if he wants it.

So, that is what is going on in our lives. What happening with you? Love the hear from you. Hugs to all.

Heather & Murray

PS The boat has some sleeping accomadations ( primitive ) so that we have some more space for overnight guests!