August Adventures

Hello all,

Once again, I must apologize for my lack of communication the last few weeks. It has been crazy busy here and we are working 12 to 14 hr days most of the time.

In the last month, we had 618 boats at our docks overnight. And some were huge! The biggest one that we had was 85 ft. The fuel dock also has been very busy with the girls dashing from boat to boat to fill with fuel and pump out the holding tanks. It is my job to keep this organized on the radio, fuel dock and inside the Boat House. Sometimes, I am on the radio and the telephone simultaneously.

In our spare time, we sail on the nice evenings for an hour or so. Between dinner and sunset, if we manage to get dinner early enough. On a few evenings a month, we try to do a barbeque at our cabin. That gives us a change from the dining room and allows us to eat at our own time.

In the other tiny bit of spare time, we are organizing a sailboat race. It is a fund raiser for the Killarney Health Center and will be held on Sat Sept 3rd. That is starting to come together quite well, considering the fact that the plan only came into being less than a week ago. Now we have to organize prizes, rules, etc. But, it should be fun and generate some interest locally, with spectator spots at the start and finish lines. We are also going to sell crew spots on the vessels for those interested in trying out racing/sailing.

So, that is what is happening here at KML. What is going on in your lives? Don’t work too hard and try to enjoy this beautiful summer season, as it all too short. Write when you can.

Hugs to all, Heather & Murray