September Update

Hello all,

Now that things have slowed down here in Killarney, I thought that we should give you all a report on the recent happenings.

First thing that happened was the staff all left us. Our “summer daughters” all departed by Sept 4th. It was very sad to see them all leave and tears were shed on both sides. We miss them a lot especially when doing a pump-out!

Then, the End of Summer Race was held successfully on Sept 3rd. We had perfect weather, 13 entrants, many crew signed on and raised over $1500 for the Health Centre Building Fund. Our two sons showed up before the race start to crew with a very surprised Murray. They had a great time sailing the little boat and we all enjoyed the post-race barbeque.

My Mom had come up with our son, Steve. Murray’s brother George also showed up before the race started. And then Jeremy and his wife Cynthia and their son Matthew also arrived. Murray seemed to accept that they had all come for the race/weekend. Little did he know that I had planned a surprise 60th birthday party. As his birthday isn’t until Nov, it was a huge surprise. His cousin Mary, from Michigan and her husband Bill also showed up on Sat.

Sunday, Mur and I had to work while the elves (Linda and Kuyler) were busy decorating. Finally, it was time to go in for dinner. In the card room, I explained, as we were a big group and maybe noisy. We entered the card room from the outside and Murray saw the signs, balloons, more people etc! There were 17 of us for dinner that night and we had a great time. I still cannot believe that we pulled off the surprise.

The balloons, that decorated the room, migrated mysteriously into our cabin/shower that night. The next day, the same balloons were found in Linda and Kuyler’s shower stall. Those balloons travelled a lot in a few days! They even decorated the dorm room of one of the guide’s as it was his birthday on the Tuesday.

As our visitors departed, life returned to normal up here. I work in the bar in the afternoons mostly. Sometimes dining room hostess or evening bartender. Murray holds down the fort at the Boat House all alone. Some days he is very busy, with airport runs, liquor and fish pickups etc.

So, that is what is happening here.

Take care all and we hope to see you soon. We are starting to think of heading back south. Soon.

Hugs, Heather & Murray