Headed for George Town

Well, it is early for this but we are underway to George Town, Great Exuma today. The wind blew hard for the last 5 days and we got itchy feet, I guess. Several friends had planned to head south. We had decided not to go. Then, in the morning, we looked at each other and said “Why not!” So, we tacked our way south to Cave Cay yesterday, had a nice snorkel and headed out before 8 this morning. We are only 35 miles out of our destination, so should arrive in the early afternoon. As another cold front with high winds again, is expected later today, we want to be tucked in securely.

Because we didn’t plan this, we need to get to a store before the winds arrive. On board right now, we have only 3 eggs, one tomato, some carrots, romaine, and a few multi-grain rolls that I baked. So, if we get there early enough, we will anchor near town, dinghy in to the store, stock up and get rid of garbage. Then we will head for Sand Dollar Beach to anchor down before the front.

Once the winds die down again, we hope to head further south to Long Island and the Jumentos. The later are a series of very small islands on a shallow bank. Lots of fishing, shelling, lobstering etc but also lots of sharks and no shelter from cold fronts. And no grocery stores. So, the larder must be full before this adventure.

Winds today are calm but the seas are rough. Thus this letter will be brief as it is time for me to go topsides for some air!

Hugs to all, Heather & Murray