March Winds

Hello everyone,

Well, the first two weeks of March have blown in “like a lion”. Maybe now it is time for the “lamb”.

We sailed off to Nassau ahead of Linda & Kuyler’s arrival as the usual front was approaching and sailing north would be tough. A few days anchored in that place reminds us why we hate it so. The boats travel in the harbour at full speed, right beside you of course. Many tourist boats with loud music go past on into the wee hours ( probably only 9 pm but we are long since in bed!). Places to safely leave the dinghy are few and far between. But, we got groceries, money, booze, laundry done and met our guests. Then, we left the morning after they arrived.

First stop, Norman’s Cay where we stayed a day to enjoy the beaches and snorkeling. Linda hadn’t done much of that so we had the lessons right off of the beach. Then, to a reef to find colourful fish to look at.

Another cold front was approaching, so off we sailed to Cambridge Cay for a few days. More beautiful reefs to dive on, but no hunting as we are in the Exuma Land & Sea Park now. Of course, we spot lots of edible fish and take imaginary shots at them.

From Cambridge, we headed on down to Staniel Cay and anchor near town for a walk-about and lunch ashore. Then, into Oz for that still-looming cold front. Since we had some ice, it was time for a margarita party on our own private beach.

After that front, the winds just blew and blew. We managed to get to Black Point to see the sights there and enjoy dinner at Lorraine’s Cafe. But, the wind was from the south so going further south was not an option. Finally we gave up and returned to Staniel Cay area where we could get to town when necessary, go snorkeling and find shelter from the wind. Almost every day had beautiful clear sky and sun but windy.

After Linda and Kuyler departed, the winds died. We sailed to Black Point again and did laundry in the loveliest laundramat in the Exumas. Maybe even the world. It is so clean and tidy, you could literally eat off of the floor. And, the view out the windows is the turquoise waters of the anchorage. Almost makes the job go faster.

From there, we went around the corner to Little Bay and visited with friends who have built a castle there. It looks just like a sandcastle. In fact, that is their radio call sign. Cool place with turrets and everything.

Today, we are off to share a beach with cruising buddies on Rhapsody. Two boats only in the anchorage. Nice.

When are we heading north? Well, we were talking about that today and came to no conclusion. With settled weather, we may head over to Cat Island as we have never been there. Then, Little San Salvador. Then, who knows….

Hope spring is on the way up north. See you before you know it.

Hugs, Heather & Murray