Update and Plans

Hello everyone,

I got freedom! On Wednesday, the 1st of November, my meds were discontinued. My family doctor removed the PICC line ( that was easier than putting it in!!). I was free to walk about without a 5 pound pack around my waist or jump into the shower without having my arm wrapped in plastic wrap and tape. Man, did it make my life easier.

Now, we monitor the situation, watching for fever and/or pain. After a couple of weeks with no sign of either, we are going to continue on with our usual life and plans.

So, the plan is to arrive in Green Cove Springs on the 20th of this month. That will require us to depart Ontario on Thursday or Friday prior to that.

Right now, we are in Dunrobin visiting with our son and his family. Stops have been made in Woodstock and Guelph. On the return drive, we hope to visit Peterborough and maybe Oakville. Then we will be back at Steve’s place in St Thomas for a few more days.

So, that is what is happening with us. How are things will all of you? Surviving this dull, cool time of year? Hopefully, we will manage to visit or at least have phone contact. Stay in touch.

Hugs, Heather & Murray