Christmas Crossing?

Yes, it is almost here. Today is Dec 21st and our tree is decorated and set up in the centre of our table. All of the lockers are stuffed full, ready to cross over to the islands. The laundry is done and everything is ready, I think.

Except for the weather. Today it is blowing hard and our wind generator and solar panels are filling up the batteries. Right now we are anchored at Peck Lake, which is just a wide spot to the side of the ICW. But, there is access to the beach and we may go for a walk later. Friends, George & Nancy Marvin from Trumpeter, live just a mile down the ICW and invited us over yesterday. We showered, did laundry and borrowed the car to pick up the last minute fresh stuff. Then they plied us with steak and wine and even ice cream! It is wonderful to have good friends.

Tomorrow we will move on down the ICW to West Palm Beach and anchor near Peanut Island to be ready if this window materializes. Saturday and Sunday’s forecasts seem to show that we can get across the Gulf Stream without too much pain.

Will we have turkey and presents? Well, there is a turkey breast in the new freezer, just waiting for the right day. And, as for presents, there are a few things stashed in the cupboards that will find their way into the stockings. Things like batteries, a headlamp, Sudoku books, flavoured coffee and small boxes of chocolate. Little treats. Our best presents are the love we have for each other and all of you, our friends and family. Without that, presents are just more stuff. And, of course,the gift of good health. Murray will be more than happy to stop coughing and I am glad that I can walk, without pain. Those are the important gifts.

Once we get to the islands, then we will have to decide if we head straight to Staniel to enter the New Year’s Regatta or, if we meander through the Berry Islands. All will depend on the weather as another cold front will be hard on our heels. We don’t get snow but get the strong north winds that cause us to take shelter.

When we are underway, we will let you all know and also of our safe arrival. Meanwhile, enjoy some eggnog for us! Sit by the cozy fireplace with the snow blowing outside and marvel at the family and friends around you.

Hugs, Heather & Murray