March 1st

That date means two different things to us. First, we get to open another envelope of money. We budget $500 per month for the duration of our stay in the islands and sort it into envelopes to keep us on track. Most of the time, we don’t spend the month’s allotment as there isn’t much to spend it on. But, “payday” is always a good day.

Secondly, grouper season is now open. For the months of Dec, Jan & Feb, Nassau grouper are off-limits. For the last few months we have seen many Nassau grouper. They seem to know that they are safe as well, tantalizing us with perfect positions for a good shot. They don’t hide but just sit there watching us, while we watch them. Murray jokes that he has put a “tag” on several to reserve them for W4 ( Windswept IV ). Now that it is legal to take them, we won’t find one around. But we will have fun trying.

Yesterday, Murray dove with a group of friends and came back with the most lobsters. He got two lovely ones and we ate them for dinner last night. The lobster found here is different from the ones in New England. These are the spiny lobsters and have no claws. They do have very long antenna which often stick out of their hidey-holes. That is how we find them. And they deserve the name “spiny” as the antenna and the sides of the lobster are covered with picky spines. Some people have said that we should catch them with a mop. You thrust the mop into the hole and the lobster gets tangled up in it. It would work except… have you ever tried to dive with a mop? It is very difficult. Mur tried it. The spear works better.

We have traveled northward somewhat and are anchored in Big Major Spot, near Staniel Cay. There was nothing left of our veggies, even the last onion was in use. And, I was out of reading material. Horrors! So, yesterday we took the dinghy to town, visited the library for new books and stocked up on lots of veggies at Isles General Store. We even splurged for a small container of ice cream and ate it there under the gazebo before it melted. It was a race to the bottom, with two spoons dipping. Rum and raisin, mmm.

Plans for the future? Well, we want to be back in the US by the end of this month or so. I have a big job ahead of me, making new canvas for the boat. This spring, I hope to get the bimini done and then work on the dodger in the fall. I have the list of all the zippers, thread, snaps, etc etc that I will need for the project and will make the order in time for it to be shipped to our marina ahead of our arrival.

Other than that? Well, enjoy the balance of our time here. Dive, walk, visit, etc. It is a tough life.

Hopefully, all is well with you and yours. Stay warm and the spring should be along soon.

Hugs, Heather & Murray