Poof, They’re Gone!

Just like smoke, the majority of the boats have vanished already! It seems to us as though it happened a week or ten days earlier this year. We have lost two staff members already, so it is a good thing that the work load is down. We have shortened the hours already and close the Boat House now at 6 pm. There is now time in the evening to watch an occasional movie/DVD or go for a walk. Or even a sail. Awesome.

The summer has flown by and already we can feel the change of seasons, with much cooler mornings and evenings. A comforter is a necessity at night now and we even have a little heat on in the cabin. There have been frequent bear sightings on the property. With blueberry season over, they approach town looking for food. None have appeared in the tree outside of our cabin as yet. But, if we approach the tree late in the evening, we always yell ” whoa bear” or “hello bear” just so we don’t surprise one, dozing or snacking in the branches.

Race organization is underway, with the event scheduled for Sept 1st. So far, we have no entries, other than our own of course. But, hopefully, some boats will come. The flyers were posted around town approx a month ago and a local radio net on VHF is also announcing the race. Today, on my day off, I will approach local businesses for prize donations.

Tonight we are cooking dinner in our cabin for the Boat House staff. The menu includes fish donated by a guest, a salad from the lodge and raw veggies purchased in town. Then, next week, we will have our annual “dinner in the dining room” with our staff. It is a huge treat for the kids and fun for us.

So, life goes on at a slower pace now. Hopefully all is well in your world. Stay in touch and we hope to see all of you soon.

Hugs, Heather & Murray