The Right Spot at the Right Time

A couple of weeks ago, we visited friends at Man o’ War Cay, Abaco. That morning we had heard on the ham net that a shuttle launch was to take place in the evening. Sitting on the deck at their rented cottage, my heart sank as I saw all of the trees surrounding us. No worries, they said ” we have an observation deck”! After dinner, I watched the time and all of us managed to reach the deck in time to watch the vapour trail of the shuttle , just after launch. It was very dramatic but, of course, my camera was down all of those steps. Thus no photos.

But, the last few days they have been announcing the return of the shuttle with a possible landing here at Titusville. The wind was honking this morning and we were concerned that the landing might be scrubbed. But, after a delay, the landing was set for 3:14 pm. And we were in just the right spot to hear the double sonic booms as it re-entered our atmosphere. Then, Murray’s sharp eyes spotted the shuttle itself as it dropped below the clouds and made its approach to the landing field. No photos again, of course.

But, how lucky are we do have seen it take off and land!

Heather & Murray