Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of news but we are having issues aboard. Firstly, the frig. We borrowed a vacuum pump from a cruiser and pumped the system down to remove any condensation in the tubes. The consensus of opinion was that frozen condensation was blocking the orifice and shutting down the system. This seemed to fix the problem and the frig worked for about a week or 10 days. Yesterday, it failed again. Luckily we have a separate freezer to keep our meat etc very cold but the cold drinks aren’t cold right now. So now we are thawing out the cold plate to get the refrig very warm and try the vacuum pump once more.

Also the computer has developed two largish black spots on the screen and they are expanding lowly. Consequently, we try not the have the computer on for very long, to preserve the screen as long as possible. We use the computer for our charting.

In between issues, we snorkel, beach and trail walk, fish and share cocktails with friends. There have been a couple of beach parties with bonfires and guitars for sing-alongs. The weather has been hot with several cold fronts through this area already. But the one expected this weekend may be a real dilly. Oh well, we can’t worry about it until we have more information and, who knows, it may peter out.

The water temps here have been in the low 80’s F so it has been lovely in the water, either swimming or bathing. Feel sorry for us yet?

Hugs to all,
Heather & Murray